The connector is a conductive device that allows a physical interface between the connections. The new connections of technologies have grown up the connectors to bring a wide touch. Ledsone Connectors Comes in a wide range such as orange and grey, Push lever connectors and 12 Way Connectors.

                                                                Ledsone Connectors performs the best quality in connecting hardware with a PC cable, connecting you online or to a network with a networking cable), provide audio/video to a system with an A/V cable, deliver digital or Analog connectivity, or power to a device with a power cable, among others. The Connectors of LEDSONE are designed with easy insertion and compact size helps in tight locations. These Connectors meets the British Standards as all are CE and ROHS Compliant. Ledsone connectors provide safe, dependable solutions for a broad range of low voltage wiring applications.

                                                                 LEDSONE manufactures a connector that’s right for every job. Our comprehensive range includes the wire connectors you need for an easier, more efficient job and wire connectors provide the perfect solution for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors. These versatile connectors have a compact design that takes up less room in junction boxes and enclosures. We all welcome your assistance in Our Cable Connectors………….

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