The fixture that covers the light bulb on the lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Beyond the practical purposes, lampshades provide aesthetic and decorative features. A lampshade also serves to “shade” human eyes from the direct glare of the light bulbs used to illuminate the lamp. The shade material is deliberately decorative so that upon illumination it may greater emphasize a display of colour and light emitting through the shade surface itself. Ledsone Lampshades are used to create an aesthetic culture to homes and the places where lampshades are used. It can be used to enhance the appearance of a room or to shine a light on an object or area to create visual interest. To create a rapid change of environment lampshades brings a quick change to the looks of surroundings.

                                                                   The main act of LEDSONE Lampshade is to create visual effects by pointing a lamp in one direction such as upward toward the ceiling. If you need a lamp that has a good reach to it, a wall-mounted object with the extendable arm is ideal. It allows you to change the position of the lighting so it best suits you. LEDSONE provides with a variety of Lampshades available such as,

  • Bottle Shape Lampshade.
  • Iron Vintage Retro lampshade.
  • Modern Retro horn metal Lampshade.
  • Wall Mounted Sconce Lampshade.
  • Wine Bottle Chandelier Hanging Lampshade.
  • Modern Wire ball Pendant Lampshade.
  • Loft Modern Rope Lampshade.

                                                                       LEDSONE Provides with light decoration that gives some special feeling. Our hemp rope pendant light will be your best choice. Vintage industrial style, creative and individual. Ideal lighting decoration for parlour, living room, restaurant, bar, corridor, themed party etc. Quality product at a good price, worth buying! We are proud to carry LEDSONE Lighting outdoor fixtures, which are designed to bring professional design principles to the exterior of your home. From your entryway or driveway to the backyard deck and garden, LEDSONE’S outdoor light fixtures are crafted with style and durability. Whether you choose outdoor wall lights, hanging chandeliers or post top lanterns, find the perfect outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and safety of your home.

                                                                         We welcome you all to assist our products. Choose the right style of lamp to meet your needs. If you decide that LEDSONE Lampshades is the best you’ll find that using dimmers or spotlights can significantly alter the appearance of a space. If you’d rather stick to traditional lamps and lampshades, you’ll find the selection large, varied, and interesting. There is something for everyone at LEDSONE! We welcome assistance and support regarding our products. Please feel free to contact us.


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