The Static electrical device that can be transferable between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. These transformers are used to increase/decrease the alternating voltages in electric power applications. LEDSONE stands up by providing the transformers which are essential for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of Alternating Current electrical energy. Our LED Transformers are high quality, commercial grade and built to past. They are ideal to be used with our LED Tape and LED Strip Light range. Our AC 230V to DC12V is a premium branded LEDSONE Transformer, built to last.

                                             Tried and tested for long life and reliability. LEDSONE’S transformers are ideal for use with multiple LED tape range. The LED Transformer can power any of LED tapes or other LED Lights. As long as the load voltage matches the voltage of your transformer. These transformers are ideal when you want to install leads at home. Whether in the living room, party room or bar you can now use energy-saving LED lighting.LED emitters are very sensitive and the halogen transformers change the 230V to 12V and sometimes up to 14V, which can often reduce the life of LED lights greatly.

                                            In addition, often electronic transformers start only with 20-30 watts to operate. Therefore it is advisable to use the new LED transformer as they are designed for these modern and stylish lighting. LED transformers are technically designed for LED’s and therefore an ideal power supply for all LED applications. Unlike traditional transformers, the DC voltage is smoothed by the integrated electronics (SMPS). The connected LED’s are therefore not exposed to harmful power surges or fluctuations. Maximum life is guaranteed.

                                           We welcome you all to have a look at our available transformers.
We welcome your invitation to assist you in the development of our safety, most efficient and effective transaction to satisfy the needed requirements to stand up in the world.

Warning: The connection of LED transformers should always be carried out by a qualified technician. The applicable accident prevention regulations must be observed. To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power before working on the unit.

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