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Vintage Braided Fabric Cable Flex…..

Vintage Braided Cables Flex Fabric Cables

                                                  Vintage Braided Cables Flex Fabric Cables are Electric cables specially designed to cope with the tight bending radii and physical stress associated with moving applications. Due to increasing demands within the fields of automation technology, specialized highly flexible fabric cables were developed with unique characteristics to differentiate them from standard designs.

                                                    LEDSONE Provide the finest quality of Braided cable flex which is more flexible than cheaper versions. A normal cable typically manages 50,000 cycles, but a dynamic cable can complete between one and three million cycles. Our Vintage cables are perfect for use with industrial style lighting or for a contemporary look with modern fittings. We always supply slightly more than the purchased lengths to allow for making the electrical connections and to make use of Packaging Recyclable. LEDSONE Braided Cable Flex is available in different variations such as,

  • Vintage 2 Core Round Braided cables
  • Vintage 3 Core Round Braided Cables
  • Vintage 2 Core Twisted Braided Cables
  • Vintage 3 Core Twisted Braided Cables

                                                     These attractive and durable woven fabric sleeves come in a Wide range of colors and provide an ideal finishing touch to the interior design, whether you are going for a muted look or an eye-catching look. These fabric cables with high-quality fabrics provide an aesthetic and vintage look to enhance the look of the space and provide a good look for vintage style lightings and interior. Aside from providing aesthetic value to your projects, braided flex cables meet the electrical standards to ensure that they are safe for use. They also come with double insulation for twice the protection. The fabric cables can be used in homes, shops, galleries, restaurants, and more. The Braided Cable Flex of LEDSONE provides a Very high-quality antique style lighting flex specifically chosen for rewiring old lamps, lights & chandeliers etc. This woven three core fabric covered flex in Brown, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Deep Gold, Yellow, Light Green, Rose Gold, and Black and White colors looks great and meets all British standards.

                                                      It is double insulated for added safety. Can be made into two core if your lamp doesn’t have earth by unwinding the earth wire.LEDSONE Provides the traditional braided cable in the color of your choice. The cable is sold by the meter in continuous lengths, i.e if you order 3 meters then you get 1 x 3-meter length (not 3 x 1-meter lengths), each copper core is 0.75mm, This works well in vintage industrial interiors as well as modern and shabby chic interior design. We also sell lamp holders and ceiling roses to suit, please just message us for details.

Please be advised that the color of each flex may vary slightly on each computer screen.

Technical Information:

• 0.75mm / 3 core Round Cable – PVC/PVC Double Insulated.

• Operating Temperatures – +75 degree C max conductor temp.

• Operating Voltage – 300 V

                                                           This item is RoHS compliant and conforms to all UK safety standards. All of our products are covered by a 1-year ‘back to manufacturer’ warranty. We welcome the assistance and support regarding our products and we Assure the vintage cables brings a good standard of Pride.

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