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                                                                The Artificial lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical and aesthetic effect Proper lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, or have positive psychological effects on occupants. Vintage Bulbs add a touch of vintage flair to your home or business Especially lightens the traditional antique Base. These Vintage Bulbs brings Innovative bulb chandelier, return to the ancients, apply to the bar, party, decorating places, hotels, dining-room, meeting room, drawing room, show-room, shops, corridors, telephone booth, studios, and exhibition displays.

                                                                 LEDSONE Vintage Bulbs posses High-effect & energy-saving, also long life-span. These Vintage Bulbs are designed standard having E27/E14/B22 sockets, which can be simply installed.LEDSONE Vintage Bulbs has 360 degrees beam angle, soft lighting everywhere. With smart IC chip, solid socket, instant start, steady lighting. LEDSONE Highly stands up with Edison bulbs, which are the most popular shape and are reproductions of Thomas Edison’s first bulb.

The available Bulbs are,

  • Vintage Incandescent Bulbs.
  • Vintage LED Non-Dimmable Bulbs.
  • Vintage LED Dimmable Bulbs.

                                                                    Ledsone bulbs feature a standard. A lamp shape that can be used in pendants, sconces, and lamps. Vintage chandelier bulbs are small, tapered bulbs that can be used for wall sconces, chandeliers, and small decorative lamps. They are available in Candelabra (E14) bases. We offer a variety of Vintage Incandescent and Vintage LED Bulbs such as A60,G80,ST64,G95,T130,T185,MUSHROOM,C35,T45,G125and A19 Bulbs.

                                                                    Ledsone Vintage Bulbs can be probably seen in plenty of places, like coffee shops, bars, and restaurants and anywhere else that wants to add a touch of nostalgia to its atmosphere. Edison bulbs — those historic looking light bulbs with swirling, looping filaments that create a piece of glowing art and cast a dim, warm glow. For comparison purposes, your standard incandescent bulb provides light at about 2700K, which is already a warm color temperature. Fluorescent lighting in an office setting is typically 3500K and above (much cooler, or whiter). An Edison bulb clocks in at a super warm 2200K or so, with a possible range of about 1800K to 2400K.

                                                                        While they’re not a great idea for general lighting (roughly half the light produced of a traditional incandescent bulb for the same wattage), Edison bulbs are widely embraced for decorative purposes, helping to drive a calming and retro ambiance. For the recreation of Antique looks, the bulbs are formed in historic shapes and the filaments are strung out in patterns like those of early bulbs. This can include filaments with double, triple, or quad loops; hairpin patterns; or the popular “squirrel cage” option.

                                                                         LEDSONE Provides the bulbs with bases of E27/B22 and E14. We explore a full selection of light Bulbs for your home, office, indoor garden, business, restaurant, apartment complex, or hotel. Discover wholesale prices to make lighting your warehouse, supermarkets, gymnasiums or storage facilities an affordable project. Find replacement bulbs for your halogens and fluorescent fixtures, or retrofit LEDs onto these.

                                                                           LEDSONE offers tube fluorescents and metal halides for any facility. These lights are bright, durable, and ready to illuminate any space no matter how big or how small it is. We take pride in delivering top-quality brand name lights at reasonable wholesale prices. Here at LEDSONE, our team is passionate about finding solutions that benefit the environment while helping businesses of all sizes slash monthly lighting expenses. we think you will love the pricing and selection of LEDSONE Vintage Bulbs.

                                                                             We work hard to give you an easy user experience on our website; we offer help to choose the suitable required bulbs for your purpose. We welcome the assistance and support regarding our products. Please feel free to contact us.

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